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Cedar Valley, Iowa Additions

You can finally have the space you need with a custom home addition!

Ever feel like there is just not enough space? Are the kids overtaking every room in the house? When moving isn't ideal, and you really love your home and the location, a home addition can be the perfect solution!

Change your home's layout, feel, and general flow by adding square footage to your indoor living space.

Cedar Valley, Iowa Types of Additions

Home additions in Cedar Valley, Iowa

Home Additions

Home additions can serve many purposes but ultimately they are all about increasing the square footage of your home and adding space that allows for more function and utility. Home additions also increase the value of your home. Since home values are largely based on above-ground square footage, a home addition is a great investment when it comes to making your home more livable now and paying for itself when the time comes to sell in the future.

Home additions can be unique spaces or blend directly with your existing home. TEAM Builders works hard to make sure your new space looks like it has always been there, not as if a new structure was just slapped onto your home.

Garage Additions

A garage addition is a functional and attractive addition to a home. TEAM Builders project consultants will work with you to get a true understanding of the size, type, and goal of your new garage. Customizing it with heated floors and finishing the entire space off with textured drywall can make a garage feel like another room of your home. Adding a mini-split air conditioner or heat pump will truly make this space comfortable during all Iowa seasons. Garage additions can be as simple as a new structure to protect your cars or as custom as the most extravagant workshop or extra building for almost any purpose.

Garage additions in Cedar Valley, Iowa

Bump Out Addition in the Cedar Valley, Iowa area

Bump Out Additions

A bump-out addition is an effective way to expand multiple rooms in your home without the complexities and cost of a full home addition. Our team is well-equipped to design a bump-out addition that will seamlessly integrate into your original home design, making it look like it's been there forever.

Custom Detached Garage in the Cedar Valley, Iowa area

Custom Detached Garage

Building a new detached garage can provide additional storage space, protect vehicles from the elements, increase property value, and potentially offer a workshop or recreational area. It can also improve curb appeal and provide more privacy and separation between the garage and the main house.

Family Room Addition in the Cedar Valley, Iowa area

Family Room Additions

Family room home additions are cost-effective, convenient solutions that alleviate space limitations. They make it easy to host larger gatherings while increasing the value of your present home.

Master Bedroom Addition in the Cedar Valley, Iowa area

Master Bedroom Additions

Experience unparalleled comfort and privacy, and potentially increase your home's resale value with this incredible renovation. Whether you add a whole new bathroom or remodel an existing one, your new space will create ease in daily life as well as a great return on investment.

Second Story Additions in the Cedar Valley, Iowa area

Second Story Additions

Adding a second-story addition can significantly increase living space without expanding the home's footprint. This type of addition potentially adds value to the property and provides a new level of flexibility for homeowners. It can also allow for better separation of living spaces and most likely offer better views and natural light.

Second Story Bump Out Addition in the Cedar Valley, Iowa area

Second Story Bump Out Additions

Adding a bump-out second-story addition to the backyard can increase living space without sacrificing yard area, potentially add value to the property, and provide a unique architectural design element. It can also offer better views and natural light and allow for a more flexible use of outdoor space.

Sunroom Addition in the Cedar Valley, Iowa area

Sunroom Additions

Adding a sunroom addition can create a bright and airy space that allows for year-round enjoyment of the outdoors, potentially increases the home's value, and provides a versatile space for entertaining, relaxing, and more. It can also offer a peaceful retreat to unwind, read a book, or simply enjoy the sunshine.

Two-Car Garage Additions in the Cedar Valley, Iowa area

Two-Car Garage Additions

Adding a two-stall garage addition to your home can provide safe and secure storage for vehicles, equipment, and other items, potentially increase property value, and protect vehicles from the elements. It can also improve curb appeal and provide additional storage or workshop space.

Creating Your
Dream Living Space

We can't wait to help make your dream home a reality! Our experts know how to translate your vision and create solutions to deliver the form and function you need in your custom building project. Your home addition or remodeling needs, matched with our experience and talent, will turn your Cedar Valley residence into the home you've always imagined.

Thank you for considering TEAM Builders for your custom building project.

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