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We are the Cedar Valley's top-tier general contractor and home remodeler servicing Cedar Falls, Waterloo, and the surrounding areas.

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TEAM Builders is the premier Home Remodeler and General Contractor in the Cedar Valley. Our project scope ranges from custom designer kitchens and composite decks to home additions and home remodels, we can even tackle your roofing and siding.

With an emphasis on an exceptional remodel experience, clear communication, and quality results, working with TEAM is a winning decision!

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At TEAM Builders we take all the worry away from the design and build process. We oversee and control the project from initial call to reveal day.  With our proactive approach to communication, you can enjoy the experience better and worry less.

TEAM Builders Home Remodeler

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Are you thinking about making some changes to your home? Do you want a contractor that specializes in home remodeling and can help you turn your dream into a reality? TEAM Builders is a reliable home remodeling contractor that specializes in making your home a reflection of you. From new additions and kitchen remodels to new construction and custom builds, we take care of the whole project.

Kitchen remodel and home remodel with heated marble floors in Cedar Falls, Iowa
Home Renovation with front deck in Cedar Falls, Iowa

Every home renovation project is different, but our team will work with you from the beginning to ensure that your needs are met. We have designers on staff who can help you choose what will look best in your home. Whether you choose new flooring, cabinets, colors, or countertops, we will work with your ideas and make them a functional reality.

When it comes to renovations and new construction, our team is one of the best around. We have the skills and access to the materials needed for any job big or small. You can trust us to build your addition or make the perfect kitchen for your home, no matter what style you're looking for.

Outdoor oasis and pergola over patio in Evansdale, IA


Our Remodel Process

01. Initial Consultation

02. Discovery

03. Estimating

04. Proposal

05. Pre-Construction

06. Construction

Friendly Note: More complex projects require more check points but for the most part we like to keep things simple!

Core Values

TEAM Builders believes in the importance of discipline. Without it, we will never achieve our goals. This is why TEAM Builders preaches time management, working with personal responsibility, setting goals, and staying focused on what they are doing at all times. The result?  People who are problem solvers and worry removers.  They charge ahead in work and life with confidence and determination. Simply put, discipline helps us get things done!


At TEAM Builders our winning attitude is what makes us unstoppable. It’s a mindset that sets us apart because it allows us to work harder, go longer, and GIVE more than any other team. A team of winning attitudes creates such an amazing environment. It creates a culture that is unrecognizable, like a brotherhood. At TEAM Builders, we are a family of winners.

At TEAM Builders we are always open-minded to new ideas, new ways of thinking, and new ways of doing things. We are always looking for a better way to do what we do and are never complacent. Creativity is simply the thought process and generation of new ideas. But innovation is taking those new ideas and putting them into action to generate results. To be creative and innovative means having the mindset that anything is possible. It means problems are actually seen as opportunities. When TEAM is faced with a difficulty or a challenge, we take the opportunity and do something with it.

Consistent means to do and act the same way over time; Persistent means to continue firmly in a course of action in spite of any setbacks.

A cornerstone of a successful team is the ability to overcome challenges; be it internal or external. At TEAM Builders we embrace challenges because we know we that our consistent and persistent efforts will overcome them. It’s about doing the little things right every day that move us towards our goal. Eventually, these little things add up into big things and the compound effect is something magical. We believe we have that magic here at TEAM Builders

At TEAM Builders, we share knowledge with others willingly. We seek opportunities to go above and beyond and add value to every person we encounter. Over the years we’ve realized the more we put helping others first and adding value to others' lives, the more abundance, and opportunities that flow our way. At TEAM, we are all about giving. This is done by providing the highest quality of service, being courteous and responsive to our customers' needs, giving back to the community that supports us, and maintaining a high level of integrity with all actions.
Systematized means we strive for an efficient and orderly approach in everything we do. This ensures all tasks are completed successfully with quality, timeliness, and budget in mind. All of our operations are systematically designed, which means that everything is planned out in advance to ensure everything is carried out successfully for the best possible experience for each of our clients, regardless of project complexity or scope.


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