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Trevor Engels

  • Tell us about yourself

    • My wife, Carly and I have a family of 3 boys and have been living in the Cedar Valley for 15 years.  We absolutely love it here and could not think of leaving.  I enjoy sports, football by far the most, Go Pack Go!  I also enjoy being outdoors either camping or hunting.  Construction is a huge passion of mine.  I teach for the Carpentry Apprenticeship program at Hawkeye Community College at the Cedar Falls campus in the industrial park.  I enjoy learning new methods and trades of construction as well as teaching people to execute construction tasks at a high level.​

  • What do you do at TEAM Builders?

    • As an owner at TEAM Builders, I have done almost every task involved in our business at one time or another.  Currently I oversee our project consultant team and make sure how we sell a job is executed to meet the client's and our expectations of craftsmanship and function.  You could see me onsite problem solving with our crew leaders to make sure things go as planned, or in our office making sure our project consultants have a clear vision for how the project is being put together for when we need to execute the work.

  • How long have you been with TEAM Builders?

    • Since the conception of TEAM Builders back in 2017.  

  • What do you love most about our remodel process?

    • I love how we try to take everything an owner is looking to do with a space and cater a plan to check all the boxes for them.  One thing I have found in construction is that if you are adamite about a particular want or need, we can almost always find a way to make it happen!

  • What do you love most about working at TEAM Builders?

    • I take pride in the people we have on our staff and the people we work along side to accomplish our custom projects.  Every person here truly cares about doing what is best for the owner, and at the end of the day we are all trying to make a good impression on them to keep our reputation at the top of the industry. 

  • What is your favorite thing to do outside of work?

    • Playing sports with my kids, or camping/hunting 

  • Hawkeyes or Cyclones?

    • Hawks for life! 

  • What's your spirit animal?

    • Wolf

  • Would you rather be a hammer or a power drill?

    • Hammer

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Austin Maginnis


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Kim Manley

Office Administrator

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John Bennett

Project Controller