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The perfect blend of aesthetics and protection

Your home's exterior finish system is the energizer bunny of your entire house. It never gets a break from the elements and is consistently performing to protect your home. The best siding system is one that protects from all the potential elements like the hot sun on your southern exposure, derecho-type winds, humidity, torrential rain, and the bitter cold that Iowa is known to bring. Your siding system must be built to last and also be manufactured to withstand the various elements that our geographical location produces.

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Although the number one priority of your siding system is to protect your home, the secondary priority is to provide aesthetic appeal. Manufacturing has come so far over the past decade with siding products. Materials now look better than ever and last longer than ever. Materials such as engineered wood, dense composite, and stacked stone are 40+ year warranty products and add incredible appeal to the exterior of your home. Wainscotting stone on the front of your house can really tip the scales on the overall appearance of your home.

Brown vinyl siding installation in Cedar Falls, IA
Teal vinyl siding installed in Cedar Falls, IA

At TEAM Builders we use an online design software to draft your home in 3D where we then have the ability to show you what your home will look based on different color and exterior trim selections. Accent trims these days is all the rage and really allow certain features of your home to stand out. The white house look with black shutters and cedar accents is a popular look as it is classic yet timeless. Our design team is happy to show you and walk you through all the options to get you feeling confident in your home’s exterior finish system.


Not to mention other items like shakes in the peak of your home or stone wainscotting can really set your home apart from others in the neighborhood!

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