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Our in-house kitchen design team have the eye, knowledge, and experience to design the perfect kitchen with you in mind. Whether it's doing a major renovation of your current space, or completely starting from scratch with an open layout, we'll make sure that your home is equipped with everything it needs to function efficiently while also looking beautiful.

Our kitchen designers understand the importance of both aesthetics and function when it comes to designing a kitchen, and they'll work with you to make sure that your needs are met. We can provide custom cabinetry, countertops, appliances, and more to create the perfect space for your family.

Our in-house kitchen designers have the eye, knowledge, and experience to design the perfect kitchen with you in mind.

Why Involve a Kitchen Designer?

Kitchen Designers have specific knowledge, experience, and formal education on interior design.  This formal education encompasses space planning, organization, specific kitchen standards for layout, and fixtures/finish selections.  From adjusting the layout of the kitchen floor plan to picking the perfect cabinets, our kitchen designers can create a kitchen that is as beautiful as it is functional.

Design Offerings Breakdown

Lidar Dimensional Scan

A lidar dimensional scan of your home captures the dimensions of your kitchen and the current layout.  We use this scan to produce a 3D CAD file for the space quickly and efficiently.  We can then use this file to develop the new floor plan and show you what your kitchen will look like virtually!

Kitchen designer scanning room with Lidar to prepare for kitchen remodel in Cedar Falls, IA

Remodel Floor Plan

Based on the dimensions produced from the lidar scan, we can adjust the floor plan of your space in our CAD software.  The software allows us to create an accurate digital floor plan with the correct dimensions.  We can remove walls, rearrange appliances, add room for a kitchen island, and accurately design the kitchen to meet your needs.

Picture of floor plan and layout for custom kitchen remodel in Waterloo, IA

Digital Mood Board

Digital mood board for kitchen designer and kitchen remodels in Cedar Falls, IA

A digital mood board visually depicts options that you could choose from when selecting the finishes for your kitchen.  Options include items such as flooring, cabinet door styles and finishes, cabinet hardware, countertops, and backsplash choices.  This mood board is supplied to you as a jumpstart and provides direction on picking out your final finish selections.

Tactile Finishes Presentation

A tactile finishes presentation is a leap above our digital mood board. This gives you the opportunity to touch and feel the actual material that will be installed in your home!  We obtain and include samples of all finishes (flooring, cabinet door styles, cabinet hardware, lighting, countertops, paint, and backsplash tiles) and properly present them to you in a way you can conceptualize.

3D Perspective Rendering

A 3D perspective rendering is a visual representation of your new space with your design selections. It incorporates various aspects of the selection process and is meant to capture your vision before we price everything out.

3D perspective rendering of kitchen remodel with white lights and open layout in Cedar Falls, IA
3D rendering of kitchen remodel proposal with white counters in Cedar Falls, IA

3D Virtual Walkthrough

Lastly, we take you on a virtual journey of your new space. Our kitchen designer software allows us to build your project in 3D which creates a realistic virtual experience where you can truly see your vision come to life. This will have you feeling confident about your upcoming project.

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