Beautiful home addition with three seasons room in waterloo iowa

Home Additions

Ahh... Finally the space you needed in order to breathe

Ever feel like there is just not enough space and the kids are overtaking every room in the house? Moving isn’t ideal and you really love your home and the location…  Enter the Home Addition.  Change your home's layout, feel, and general flow by adding square footage to your indoor living space.

Home Additions can serve many purposes but ultimately they are all about increasing the square footage of your home and adding space that creates for more function and utility.  Home Additions also increase your home value as home values are largely based on above ground square footage and a home addition surely accomplishes that.

Why Build an Addition with TEAM Builders?

If you are thinking about a home addition it is good to think about timing as the schedule is at least 8 weeks long if not longer. The work on the home can be intrusive and the time always comes when the new addition is ready to be opened up into the existing house. That’s when the true magic begins and you want an experience contractor capable of executing the mission… Enter TEAM Builders.

Three seasons room home addition outside shot in waterloo Iowa
Beautiful three seasons home addition in waterloo iowa with sunrise in background

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