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Ahh... Finally the space you needed in order to breathe

Ever feel like there is just not enough space and the kids are overtaking every room in the house? Moving isn’t ideal and you really love your home and the location…  Enter the Home Addition.  Change your home's layout, feel, and general flow by adding square footage to your indoor living space.

Home Additions

Home additions can serve many purposes but ultimately they are all about increasing the square footage of your home and adding space that creates for more function and utility.  Home additions also increase your home value as home values are largely based on above ground square footage and a home addition surely accomplishes that.

Home additions can be unique spaces or blend directly with your existing home.  TEAM Builders works hard to make sure your new space looks like it has always been there, not just a new structure slapped onto your home. 

Garage Additions

A garage addition is functional and an attractive addition to a home.  TEAM Builders' project consultants will work with you to get a true understanding of the size, type, and goal of your new garage.  Customizing it with heated floors and finish the entire space off with textured drywall can make a garage feel like another room of your home.  Adding a mini-split air conditioner/heat pump will truly make this space comfortable during all Iowa seasons.  Garage additions can be as simple as a new structure to protect your cars or as custom as the most extravagant workshop.

Our Home Addition Work

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